Labour Law Advisory, Compliance Management and Audits

Labour Law Advisory, Compliance Management and Audits

Compliance with Labour and Industrial Laws has gathered enormous momentum in the last few years. Especially compliance with respect to employees employed through Contractors and off-roll employees is getting more challenging because the Law recognizes principal employer as the one who is responsible in case the contractor fails to comply. This area has assumed significant importance from a risk management perspective considering the legal implications and reputational risks attached with non-compliance. Moreover, ‘Labour Laws’ is a very specialized area, requiring additional managerial attention over and above the routine internal audit function.

A multi-locational organisation deals with several hundred Labour Compliances in a month such as Licenses, Registrations, Consent Orders, Permissions, Renewals, among others. Additionally, central & state governments legislate on all labour matters. Different states have implemented the rules in their own ways leading to differences in formats, forms, and due dates, among others. Managing Labour Compliances across the organisations length and breadth needs deep expertise of the law along with resources and the technology platform.

Labour Law Advisory

At Transient HR we provide labour law advisory services to assist clients in navigating the complex legal landscape related to employment, working conditions, and rights and obligations of employers and employees. We also help clients understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations and provide support in resolving labour disputes.

Labour Laws Compliance Services

• Compliance health check of Organization
• Advise on applicability of Laws & Recommendations
• Detailed Audit Report with Gap Analysis
• Due-Diligence assistance during Fund raising, Mergers & Acquisitions

Compliance Management

If you are a start up- or an MNC, setting up a manufacturing unit or a store in any region of India; if you are a well-established company dealing with compliance issues; if your business has a multi-location presence in various cities/ locations in India, and you are looking at hiring one compliance consultant to manage your compliance- WAIT. Look no further. Let’s get compliant At Transient HR, we cater to 200+ Clients across diverse Industry verticals managing records of close to 20,000 employees and our team size of 50+ professionals working across various locations in India ensure complete support in day-to-day compliance.

One of our USP is the use of e-compliance tools to ensure on-time compliance & give Client’s access to a Live Dashboard to view their on-going compliances.

Contract Compliance Audit

Comprensive Compliance Audit

Contract Compliance Audit

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