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Industry Verticals We Serve

Transient HR Pvt. Ltd is a trusted and leading provider of comprehensive HR services designed to address the diverse needs of businesses. With our wide range of solutions, we assist organizations in effectively managing their human resources, enabling them to focus on their core business operations and achieve their strategic goals.

Information Technology

IT is a rapidly evolving industry, and finding the right IT talent can be challenging. We have a vast network of IT professionals and can help you recruit skilled individuals for your technology projects.

Logistics/ Freight – Forwarding

Transient HR understands the value of a professional and dependable staff in the logistics business. We can help you locate suitable candidates for a wide range of positions, including logistics managers, warehouse supervisors, transportation coordinators, and customs compliance specialists.

Oil/ Gas/ Energy

The oil, gas, and energy sectors require professionals with technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge. We can assist you in sourcing talent for various roles in this field.

Financial Services

Professionals with strong analytical skills and a thorough understanding of financial markets are in high demand in the financial services industry. We can assist you in locating personnel with the necessary skills and experience for your financial company.


From research and development to manufacturing and distribution, the petrochemical industry requires a diverse range of skilled professionals. We can support your talent acquisition needs in this sector.

Industrial Products

These sectors require skilled professionals who can design, manufacture, and maintain complex machinery and equipment. Transient HR specializes in providing HR solutions for companies involved in industrial manufacturing, heavy machinery production, and related industries.

Semiconductors / Electronics

We have the expertise to source and hire professionals with the technical expertise and industry experience required to flourish in this field, whether you are a semiconductor engineer, electronic technician, hardware designer, or product manager.

Pharmacy/ CRO/ Healthcare

The pharmaceutical, contract research organization (CRO), and healthcare industries are highly regulated and require specialized talent. We can help you find professionals with the necessary qualifications and experience in these fields.


Whether you are in the food and beverage, personal care, household products, or consumer electronics industries, we can help you locate specialists in sales, marketing, supply chain, production, and quality assurance.

Engineering/ Power/ EPC

HR solutions for engineering projects, power plants, and EPC companies. We can assist you in sourcing talent for various roles, including project managers, engineers, construction workers, and technical staff.

Automobile & Ancillary

Transient HR understands the unique challenges of this sector and offers comprehensive HR solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require engineers, technicians, production staff, or sales professionals, we have the expertise to source and recruit top talent.


We understand the biotech industry's particular needs and can help you identify skilled scientists, researchers, lab technicians, and other experts. We can help you build a brilliant team capable of driving innovation, generating life-changing cures, and making a significant impact in the healthcare and agricultural sectors with our biotech recruitment experience.

Advertising & Media & MSO

Transient HR understands the unique demands of this industry and offers specialized HR solutions to meet your talent acquisition and management needs. Whether you need professionals in advertising, marketing, creative design, content production, or media planning, we have the expertise to source and recruit top talent.

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