Complete/Partial HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

Whether it is complete HR department outsourcing or partial outsourcing of services we offer solutions to help you ease out the burden of HR so that you can focus on your STAR. Our Cloud-based and or an On-premises HRMS software encompasses key features like Attendance, Leave, Recruitment, Travel, PMS, Payroll, Task Management, Expense, Employee Self-Service, among others, which allows you/us to automate, streamline, and optimize HR operations for improved employee satisfaction. Our Mobile App creates a bridge between people and operations to drive efficiency, productivity and employee experience Based on the specific needs of our clients, we provide them with the software as individual modules and an entire cloud-based package also.

At Transient we also help Clients with smaller partial HR modules of outsourcing like Exit Interviews, Police Verification, Preparing Job Descriptions, Implementing PMS, Background Verification and much more.

Benefits of Partial HR Outsourcing

Benefits of Complete HR Outsourcing

HR Processes

Setting up systematic procedures and workflows to manage diverse HR tasks like as recruitment, payroll, performance management, confirmations, disciplinary actions, Salaries, training, employee engagement and separation.

On Boarding & Induction

Streamlining new hire integration and orientation, promoting a smooth transition and alignment with the organization's culture and values.

HR Policy

Creating clear guidelines and standards that help employees to understand the organization’s goals and culture with the latest amendments of laws.

Performance Management System

Implement a structured framework to set performance expectations, evaluate employee performance on a regular basis, and provide feedback.

HR Documentation

Ensuring a continuous and systematic process for managing employee documents and maintaining accurate HR reports.

Salary Restructuring

Evaluating and reorganizing a company's compensation system to correspond with the latest compensation trends in the market.

Designing KRA

Setting job roles / objectives for employees and linking performance with the performance management system which intern will help in achievement of company goals.

Background Verification

Helping employees to verify their candidates last employment check, educational verification, court/criminal verification, database verification, credit verification cases on a day-to-day basis.

Separation Process (Exit Interviews)

Conduct structured interviews with the separating staff to gain feedback, improve retention, and boost organizational effectiveness.

Designing Incentive Management Scheme

Developing a systematic and performance-based rewards system to boost employee enthusiasm, productivity in alignment with organisational goals.

Employee Benefit Plan

Creating a complete and competitive bundle of employee incentives, awards, and support programs to improve their general well-being and happiness at work.

Third Party HR Audits

Act as third party auditors and review HR processes, policies, and compliance to identify gaps, increase efficiency, and assure legal and ethical HR practices.

Grievances Handling / Help Desk Management

Provide virtual, email and telephone support to solutions in response to day to day HR queries.