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A principal employer is responsible for its vendor’s compliance, as they are accountable for all actions that take place in their organization. The responsibility of an employer extends to employees, contractors and any other person who performs work on behalf of the employer.

These are some of the critical statutory requirements that are to be met by the principal employer

When it comes to vendor compliances, employers face challenges such as limited resources, manual tracking of compliance requirements and lack of real-time updates. These factors can lead to a failure on their part to comply with vendor compliance requirements and also expose them to legal penalties. To combat these challenges, the vendors and principal employers need a contractor compliance management software, that is scalable, automated and helps them meet their compliance obligations.

Our Offering


Our contractor compliance management tool helps corporates create a digital process to facilitate effective management of compliances related to its contractors.

Our product provides a real-time view of the overall compliance status for all the contractors.


Additionally, we also offer a vendor compliance management service. This is comprehensive compliance framework for contractors, with individual accesses to customer employees and contractors.

This services includes identification, and finalization of compliance list along with monthly review and a GAP report of contractor compliances.

Our Web-Based, Highly Intuitive, and Easy-to-adapt software offers

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Our Web-Based, Highly Intuitive, and Easy-to-adapt software offers